Thoughts from RazorSoft (TBH site and forum administrator, TBH Beta-Tester) - January 28, 2005

One year has past since any public development of The Black Hand has taken place, and while about 5 months ago "behind the scenes" redevelopment was started again by nul7 with testing being done by BlackBox and myself, we came within 1 or 2 beta -tests of releasing a .44 version but real-life overcame nul7 and with Smart Devil also dealing with his own real-life, all development was brought to a halt again with no sign of starting again.

The Black Hand eMule mod was just that, a mod but with many unique features. I personally feel it was the community and those closely involved in it's development that made it special and brought about many passionate discussions and loyalites and while eMule mods come and go, Fusion & TBH will always be my favorites. But since nul7 and Smart Devil - the only developers of The Black Hand seem to be MIA and any future development of TBH not likely to take place. I have reluctantly decided to stop funding and developing the TBHstudios website.

I would like to say a special thanks for the experience to

nul7 & Smart Devil (TBH Developers)
BlackBox (Forum Moderator and Beta Tester)
r3fu53d (User Guide Development and Beta Tester)

Zocor, Viking69, Giovy, ]V[orlock (Core Team Beta Testers)

There were many other people involved in the overall success of TBH (far too many for me to remember) but thanks also go out to all the translators, part-time testers and anyone else I may have forgotten.

Take care everyone but I believe it's time to move on